Any Luck with No Credit Card Offers?

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28-10-2004 18:31:23

There are 3 AOL offers on their site AOL 9.0 with Musicnet, AOL 9.0 Optimized, and AOL for Broadband.

They claim No Credit Card is required, has anyone tried signing up for these offers yet without using a credit card? If so, were you successful and how long did it take you to recieve credit?


28-10-2004 22:49:07

I signed up for the aol optimized, and it claims you dont need a credit card, but it still requires it during the sign up process. I dont care though, because you can cancel and not be charged anything. If you dont have a credit card, i dont think you will be able to sign up for it. Im not sure about the other aol offers, but I can only assume they are the same.


29-10-2004 04:05:06

u can sign up using a "check"


29-10-2004 23:11:06

do you have to call them in order to cancel or can you cancel online?


29-10-2004 23:35:37

you have to call to cancel...make sure that they really cancel your account. sometimes they will give you extra free months


30-10-2004 00:44:05

I did a non credit card offer in one of the first days of the site being online(myPrimus) and i never got credit for it


30-10-2004 08:24:50

How long do you have to wait to cancel the AOL one and still get credit for it? I want to cancel it ASAP, but still get credit


30-10-2004 12:41:06

I think my friend told me on Netflix you can use your routing number on your checks.