they're offering HP iPod

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28-10-2004 11:13:20

yea i just realized that they are offering the HP 20GB iPod, lol


28-10-2004 12:12:05

how do you know?


28-10-2004 12:17:23

it says on the first page right under the ipod image


28-10-2004 12:24:54

[quote7d17623a2e="EatChex89"]yea i just realized that they are offering the HP 20GB iPod, lol[/quote7d17623a2e]

It did used to be an Apple Ipod...


28-10-2004 12:38:17

is the apple ipod a different price or quality than the HP? or is it just a name brand thing?


28-10-2004 13:26:31

warrenty and a logo thing


28-10-2004 14:04:55

That's probably cuz they're handling ipods with eCost so be prepared to wait a year before receiving if you go for that


28-10-2004 14:27:03

HPs are seeming to be cheaper to purchase meaning more money for them


28-10-2004 17:15:26

[quotee50dee888b="doylnea"][quotee50dee888b="EatChex89"]yea i just realized that they are offering the HP 20GB iPod, lol[/quotee50dee888b]

It did used to be an Apple Ipod...[/quotee50dee888b]

They email me saying
We have received your order for the 20GB iPod. At this time we are only
shipping the HP iPod, which is the same as the Apple iPod with the exception
of the following

li The hPod comes pre-formatted FAT32 for Windows.
li The packaging and box is different.
li The installation CD contains only Windows software.
li The instruction manual is Windows-centric.
li The hPod comes with HP's support, not AppleCare.
li The hPod has the HP logo laser-etched on the back above the Apple logo.
li The hPod doesn't have the static problem when playing large files.
li The hPods are manufactured by HP, not Apple.

If you wish to proceed with your order, please disregard this message. We
will be shipping these items out tommorow, and would greatly appreciate a
response from those opposed to the HP iPod.

If you wish to pick a different item from our site, please contact us as
soon as possible so we can arrange to include it in the order.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services[/quotee50dee888b]