been 2 days and still havent recieved credit for

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27-10-2004 23:03:35

I completed the offer on 10/25/04 mid afternoon.....its now 10/27 1104 pm and it still says offer pending for 10/25. Doesnt it usually take 2 days for efax? how long did it take for everyone else?


27-10-2004 23:19:42

I actually just got credit and I signed up on 10/25 also (I think evening though). I'd give it a day or two since they say may take up to 5. Then I'd email them. I'm sure it'll go through just fine though.



28-10-2004 09:21:34

I received credit in 1 day.


29-10-2004 06:54:29

I received credit in 2 days but it was last week. I'm sure that now people are sure it's legit the offer is much more popular and accordingly the time to get credit increase. That's why they changed it from 3 business days max to 5 business days max.


29-10-2004 10:34:31

Expect to wait longer now. It's getting more popular.

Waiting up to two business weeks will become common soon.

But hey, it's a million times faster than gratis...