HOLD OFF on plasmas4free

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11-10-2005 21:08:38

Sweed just signed up, I was his first ref, I see 28 offers, his 2nd ref saw 8, his 3rd ref saw 6. Sounds to me like it would be impossible to complete. Fuck OC and their mind games


11-10-2005 22:43:32

thats fucking terrible, but hey i guess they can get a few offer credits for free for all those suckers, because nobody would finish the site.


11-10-2005 22:46:00

I knew their ref amounts for this site were too good to be true.


12-10-2005 00:19:50

I never will do an OC site... EVER.... Check this out this is 100 million times better.



12-10-2005 07:27:22

Well I don't think that's right..because i should have around 13 greens right now of people have have done offers. All signed up under me for plasmas4free...


12-10-2005 10:24:57

maybe you get special treatment from OC seeing the influence you would have on others to attempt the site


12-10-2005 15:31:26

i want special treatment...lol....but that does sound like OC doin something like that...i will NEVER do a OC site...had bad experiences on the first time and i was jus completeing the offerr....