In review for notebooks!

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08-10-2005 16:25:57

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Never thought I'd finish this damn site! If everything had gone as it should have I would have been done months ago. I should have well over 20 greens right now. Needless to say, this site was a BITCH to complete between being scammed here and by OC.

I'm in review right now, wish me luck! Being that this is OC, I'm gonna need it!


08-10-2005 20:38:28

yeah i have been in review for atleast a few days now.


08-10-2005 22:12:44

You going for the money or a system?


09-10-2005 08:15:42

$1050! I've never even completed an OC site, how long do they usually take to review?


09-10-2005 08:39:11

I've heard 3 days, I've heard 2 weeks and I've heard alot of disqualifications. I think its all up in the air at this point, but good luck )


09-10-2005 11:04:43


Sure enough, 2 refs disqualified. One for creating multiple accounts and one for "Signing up from invalid location." Wtf is that?

Is it even worth contacting OC about or do I just bite the bullet and scrounge up two more god damn referrals?


09-10-2005 11:32:06

"Invalid location" probably refers to a public computer (e.g. at a library, school, etc.) where IP addresses are shared, which obviously complicates fraud detection.


09-10-2005 11:32:45

Yowch, thats harsh dude (


09-10-2005 12:04:13

that sucks, im still in review, good or bad? )


09-10-2005 16:07:39

It seems generally the people who get dq'ed or ref's dq'ed occur quickly...I took a week to be approved on macminis but have yet to get my paypal...I wonder when OC is shipping paypal now...


09-10-2005 18:08:00

[quote7604be78e1="damac"]that sucks, im still in review, good or bad? )[/quote7604be78e1] D good dude,i was stuck on 7 days and now im approved on ipodnanos4free wink