OC Paypal shipping..

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07-10-2005 11:52:22

Just check, does OC still ship out Payment for Paypal on Fridays and Wednsdays? Or have the days changed? I placed my order i want to know when to expect my Paypal..


07-10-2005 12:06:00

I think it's become saturday morning but im not sure


10-10-2005 11:35:51

I emailed oc and now they are saying that they will paypal on friday


10-10-2005 12:46:47

Great, i placed my order before last friday and i still didnt get my money, nor on saturday. And this friday im leaving for Virginia in the morning..great


11-10-2005 02:44:29

Good luck to you! I personally will try to stay away from these sites.