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26-10-2004 23:27:27

Anyone notice that this one is harder to get referals for? I think its b/c people already have tivos... i think the remote is cool tho


27-10-2004 00:01:44

I'm seriously not even going to attempt this one. I'm going for the ipod and the pvp. if i get those someday then maybe I'll go for the rest.



27-10-2004 20:31:03

thats cause dvrs arent very expensive it's the non transferiable service thats costly.


28-10-2004 05:42:16

I already have 5. I just want 2 more for the remote then either selling the whole thing on ebay, or giving it to my uncle.


07-11-2004 20:33:25

I think it's because people don't know what dvrs are or what they are for. "tivo" usually gives them an idea but a lot of people still don't seem to know.

But now that you can choose the $275 cash instead, I would think a lot more people would do it just so they can get that cash for only 5 referrals.


01-12-2004 03:40:40

i want a tivo for my room to go w/ my free flatscreen..

service is a bitch tho...