Stuck in review since last wed....

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03-10-2005 20:03:18

So I finally finished macminis4free and Ive been stuck in review since last wed...Normally this wouldnt phase me but people who have been in review shorter periods of time have been approved already...Wondering what's going on with my account at the OC...


04-10-2005 07:58:10

Just go to the support section under help/faq and send them a message under account status. Usually next day response


05-10-2005 12:38:50

Just got 2 emails back from them saying please allow 3 business days that I am in line for review...Wow they really slowed down..


05-10-2005 21:36:13

I got approved!!! Yay!! I guess OC isnt as awful as people say...I had no one dq'ed!


05-10-2005 23:33:14

Congrats! That's fricken amazing. That's almost like flying to work.