Offer Verification Times

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26-10-2004 12:23:13

How long has everyone waited to become verified and have their refferals show as verified?

Just curious.


26-10-2004 12:49:31

i think it took 2 business days for efax to work


26-10-2004 13:17:07

1 day on efax, blockbuster, and stamps for me



26-10-2004 22:48:57 was green for me overnight; i had a (dumb) friend do netflix two days ago... still yellow, and another do efax; still yellow


27-10-2004 06:37:06

all 4 of my efax went green after two days, and my one NETFLIX hasn't gone through yet since 10/23


27-10-2004 07:18:07

i'm having trouble with the ebay offer not clearing. I completed it and got all the confirmation emails from ebay and one of my refs did it also, but neither one of us has credit yet. its been about 4 days.


01-11-2004 13:06:20

Anyone know for sure what time offercentric updates their credits?


01-11-2004 13:09:07

They update everyday. It's when the offer people send them your info is when you get credited.