*edit* MOTHER OF ALL THINGS HOLY!! I got Paid $550 by OC!!!

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=23007


27-09-2005 12:36:47

They DQ'd 2 greens couple months ago and I just now got my last 2 damn greens again. I'll let you know what happens. Please OC, be kind to me!


27-09-2005 19:29:08

Yeah same here, I just went into review yesterday. I've been working on this site so long and have so much money in it, I'm just ready to be done


27-09-2005 20:16:48

Good luck to both of you.....you'll need it )


27-09-2005 21:28:04

I wonder how long we will be in review. I can't imagine they have a lot of accounts to process right now.


28-09-2005 09:27:51

I am one of your greens here is the email i got today


email==lakersin2025@yahoo.comlakersin2025@yahoo.com=lakersin2025@yahoo.comlakersin2025@yahoo.com/email's account passed our verification
process for their FREE gift, now its your turn!

Click here to login and check your status.

Best Regards,
Member Services

my turn... roll anyways congrats bud! D


28-09-2005 10:44:25

Yea it says I can select my gift. I chose Paypal but I am not going to say anything until I see the money in my account. Don't want to jinx it. Shhh.


28-09-2005 13:55:30

Yeah I'm approved and placed order. Hopefully paypal comes next week.


28-09-2005 16:37:33

Im in review for the first time on macminis4free...I hope they dont dq any of my ref's but I know that's unlikely...How long does it take for review?


28-09-2005 19:00:04

was only 2 days this time, I guess because its so hard to finish now they don't have many to review


28-09-2005 22:59:11

I thought that they send out paypal on Wednsdays?


28-09-2005 23:34:01

I got my last reff there a week or two ago, only one DQ'ed! Hopfully get my last one by the end of this week. Been after this site for...or....good 6+ months ( Good luck to ya man!


01-10-2005 11:20:02

Looks like it is gonna be more than 2 days for me...Im now at 3 days (2 business days).Does oc give a reviewal decsion on the weekend?


02-10-2005 12:46:27

Holy shit balls I got paid of macminis4free! After 8 months and 2 DQ's I got my cash. WooHoo!


02-10-2005 13:00:45

Jezus christ, post a screenie for everybodys sake )


02-10-2005 13:10:23

There really is a freebie god


02-10-2005 13:11:21

I'm still in review on mine...I hopefully will get it...OC is taking it's sweet time with my review...


02-10-2005 19:05:33

Who knew they would pay on a saturday. I checked my account today and there's the $550. I would post a pic but all I know how to do is send a screenshot through AIM


02-10-2005 21:17:21

Press Print Screen on your keyboard. Open Paint, paste (or control+v), save as > JPG. Go to www.imageshack.us and upload, post the link.


05-10-2005 14:59:56

OMG back in review for the second time, last time i was in review the DQ'ed it within the day lishrugli