haha this is cool

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=2297


26-10-2004 08:03:25

this is cool

anyway im having a problem doing AOL with music net, AND I WANT TO do that one!!!

lol, anyone else having trouble?


26-10-2004 08:39:59

i did efax very easy

kinda dont like the 5 business days wait though


26-10-2004 08:45:54

Yeah I just did eFax yesterday. I'm curious to see if it will really take 5 days. But I guess I've learned to be patient by now anyway.



26-10-2004 09:22:55

It only took 1 day for eFax for me...and 1 day for blockbuster too D



26-10-2004 11:35:00

1 day for stamps.com


26-10-2004 16:38:18

[quote979d825469]and 1 day for blockbuster too Very Happy


I second that for Blockbuster. And my friend did Blockbuster under me, so he would third it D


28-10-2004 04:21:06

its like i have done nmost of the offers on gratis / gratis points based sites .. too bad for me