Which bonus?

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26-10-2004 05:39:42

I think im going to go with the remote because its around $200. And 6 month of Tivo is not that much.


26-10-2004 05:42:53

I went with the remote ;)

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26-10-2004 11:34:03

go with the remote, you can hack the tivo or the replaytv


26-10-2004 12:13:15

neither of them are really good


26-10-2004 12:45:30

but dont you need tivo service to use the tivo?

why not just get the extra 6 months and use the remote that comes with it else you have to BUY service (im doing this FREE deal for a reason ;) )


26-10-2004 23:30:55

YOU need tivo service