Guess my shipping date?

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26-10-2004 05:38:27

I've heard that they ship in 2 days... but I've been waiting since Friday. I placed the order about an hour after the other peoples had been shipped. Now since friday, 3 more have gone green and I have 8 green referrals. If I just waited I could have gotten the bonus gift. O well, I don't really care about that, I JUST WANT AN IPOD!!!!!!!!!!

I'll tell you if it ships today or somethin, so we can really see how many days it takes.


26-10-2004 08:57:30

i see the ref numbers in linnks are up to 2lililili now, i wonder if they are going to have issues like

know who they are ordering from?


26-10-2004 09:00:12

Ahhhh, that stinks about not getting the bonus. But hey at least it's shipping!!!



28-10-2004 05:38:16

bonus? what bonus? which site are you guys talking about and what are the requirements?


28-10-2004 09:00:16

They work with ecost...poopie...and why the hell did you order another ipod? =/