Bingo' offer

Live forum:


24-09-2005 15:54:17

I just saw a new offer from anyone comment if that is showing up as an offer of doom?


24-09-2005 16:32:10

I don't think its an offer of doom, becuase it only costs $10 and credits instantly. Great offer, though.


24-09-2005 16:52:52

When I did it for someone a while ago, it was under the offers of doom


30-09-2005 12:10:11

I'm still waiting on the bingos offer to green at freegamingsystems and i did it last week. Anyone else have problems? I notice it isn't offered anymore either.


05-10-2005 17:46:07

I did this offer on September 30th and still no credit. It better credit, I still have money in there too.


06-10-2005 03:19:24

I just did this offer a few minutes and it went green so fast it made my head spin D
funny thing is after i went green doing this offer i relogged in and now im seeng like 60 offers insted of the offers of doom ? shock


06-10-2005 09:20:03

How much money did you deposit and how much did you wager?


06-10-2005 16:44:18

You deposit $25, and you don't have to wager anything


06-10-2005 17:19:34

I only had to put in $10 but I did wager just to be safe. I sent a ticket to OC and I got credit today. I can't beleive it. Wow OC!


12-10-2005 08:47:27

Just curious as to what the overall experience has been with this offer?? I am going to probably sign up for it on an OC site and wanted to make sure it would be worth the $10 to sign up?? please post your experiences if you haven't already done so, thanks!