Offer Centric added World Poker Tour

Live forum:


20-09-2005 11:04:08

Looks like they got one to replace Party Poker. Ahh, how nice of them. Who wants to do World Poker Tour for my macminis4free? Any takers?


20-09-2005 12:32:06

Someone said that if you try to sign up for it, it tells you that you can't because you are in the US. Gambling online = illegal in the US.


20-09-2005 12:53:13

Usually the servers for the site are overseas somewhere so it isn't considered to be in the US. At least that's how I think it works.


20-09-2005 13:56:40

WTF. Someone signed up for me to do this site and he said that he can't do it because he lives in the US. Why would Offer Centric not disclose this before hand? I didn't think you could even do an OC site if you were not in the US.


21-09-2005 01:29:18

Now they added 12 seasons wine. Only $120 for this offer. What a steal!