offers of doom?

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15-09-2005 22:31:17

can someone please explain to me what offers of doom are? i understand they're the really expensive offers, but i don't understand how some people are saying they have 50 offers available to them, while others had 6. how does this work?


15-09-2005 23:49:13

50 offers would be in regards to typical offers, such as blockbuster, aol, new york times, etc. So with 50 offers you defently dont have offer of doom, but then again you probably have 1-2 referrals, or even none. offer of doom are offers such as casino offers that require you to deposit around $50-$100.


16-09-2005 01:01:11

so you mean let's say im doing an oc site. my first 1 or 2 referrals will have easy offers, and my last few will have only really expensive ones available to them? i just dont understand how it changes from person to person.


16-09-2005 05:57:24

^^ It's not really changing person to person as much as it is changing because you are closer to receiving the item.


19-09-2005 05:24:33

So if I sign up for say, mp3players, and don't use a ref link, and get all 5 of my refs to complete an easy offer on the first day (before anyone credits) I can avoid the offers of doom?


19-09-2005 05:37:11

Here's the sucky part about offers of doom They will show up once you are 1-3 referrals away from receiving your item. For example, I was pursuing XBox3604free, which requires 8 referrals. I had 5 people signed up but only 3 greens. Once I had a 6th person sign up they saw the offers of doom! So it's not a factor of how many green referrals, but how many in general. It sucks now, because I can't pursue the site since I will have to then pay FIVE people to do offers of doom!!!!! Run far from OC.

So, in your example, even if you had five people sign up in one day, the last two will see offers of doom, regardless if your first 3 people signed up are green or not.