Canada & OC - worth it?

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09-09-2005 22:00:35

Hi. I'm kinda new to this whole process of free stuff and I have a couple'a questions that I thought fit better here than on 'Newbie Island'.

First off, are OC sites even worth doing? I see a lot of people not happy with them because of crediting issues, and the whole "offers of doom" thing isn't too attractive either.

Secondly, I live in Canada, which means the number of sites open to me is a little limited. OC is one of the few networks that allows me to participate, but all they would give me is cash via paypal (which is nice I guess...), but I do know people who live in the US. Is it possible for me to submit their shipping address, have it shipped to them, and then have my friends send it to me up here? That wasn't covered anywhere in their TOS or anything that I saw.

Thanks ahead for any help, looking forward to getting into this stuff.


09-09-2005 22:06:25

[b2711441a71]WARNING DON'T DO OC SITES[/size2711441a71][/b2711441a71]
Can't you read the previous topics...if it doesn't ring a bell your messed offense though lol