Hmm, only 3 greens, but Offers of Doom showing?

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02-09-2005 07:25:18

I have 3 greens on I have 2 people who did offers but sent in offer completion forms and aren't green. They are waiting for credit. So is that why the Offers of Doom are showing? This could take a while because if those 2 people don't get credited manually. I will then need FIVE people to do Offers of Doom!!!!!!!!! ( I hope they get credit soon.


02-09-2005 12:41:33

When will you guys learn NOT to do OC


02-09-2005 13:25:44



02-09-2005 14:07:11

what are the offers of doom today....? anyone know? i noticed IX Hosting
is showing up in my offers, but dammit i can't tell people the offers of doom because
i don't show them on my side.

help. someone post today's doom offers here quickly.