Approved!!! Can I get a very loud WOOT....

Live forum:


30-08-2005 08:13:12


Approved today. I finally got to look on this group of beautiful words

[be336751b3b]Order Confirmation

Thank you for participating!

You'll recieve an email as soon as your order has shipped, with it's tracking number (if applicable). You may also log into your account to view the status of your order.

Enjoy you free gift(s)!
Please check out our other sites to get more free stuff! [/be336751b3b]
Dammit, this took ages.....but now it seems worth it, or at least somewhat
worthwhile. Hopefully payment this weekend is coming!!

I just gotta pay my last two refs and I am out of the game, forever....



30-08-2005 10:32:59

A friend tells me he sees

Dish network
and some web hosting thing

for his Offers of Doom. That's it. Four.


30-08-2005 10:46:07

OC is dead to me!


30-08-2005 12:16:33

Probably those magazine subscriptions for a year. Those are hella expensive.


30-08-2005 12:45:09

I'm just about to lose it with OC, my last mp3players4free referal wont go through and it has been 2 weeks. If that doesn't go through or if one dqs there's no way to complete it.


30-08-2005 13:03:25

Yeah, you should start a new site.

I recommend TRAINNNNNNNNN and Freepay.


30-08-2005 16:29:34

[quote5844f8b527="Strike"]Yeah, you should start a new site.

I recommend TRAINNNNNNNNN and Freepay.[/quote5844f8b527]
for me, no way. i have had terrible free stuff luck....

i completed gratis' minimac site, fine, my prize! woot.
when I saw how easy it was, I started trading like crazy. what fun...

then....finished OC's DVRS site....2 refs DQ'ed - got 2 more and the
site shut down.

finally completed 2 Coobro sites and bang....they are a scam company
and I never got my prize.

moved out of the States when I was processing on OC's Notebooks site
and bang, I get DQ'ed. Finally get my account reinstated and go to
approval phase and what happens.....2 Invalid Accounts. One of them
cleared his name and now I have been sitting on the last 1 referral for
a month. I dare say with my luck this will all be for nothing.

With the money I spent trying to finish these sites, I basically just bought
my mini-mac, which is fine....but, I didn't actually need it at the time.

I'm hoping just to (please God) finish my Notebooks site and be on my way with prize.
And if Coobro ever rears it's ugly head and pays me
something well, so be it.

Unfortunately in this racket, nothing seems to be easy or certain. ?

(will OC shut down soon?) - (do you think any new offers will surface?)


30-08-2005 18:12:03

I'll be watching this one carefully. I signed up for OC's mp3players4free 2 weeks ago, and still haven't received credit for completing the offer. I'm not passing judgment yet, but it's interesting to see these kinds of comments...


30-08-2005 18:13:16

I'm sorry to hear that and I wish the best of luck to you.

By the way, I noticed that you moved to Brazil now. Will OC ship it to you after you completed their site?


30-08-2005 20:12:01

[quote8c5975c9cf="Archon810"]OC is dead to me![/quote8c5975c9cf]


30-08-2005 21:12:21

Yeah, I signed up under johnjimjones, still waiting on credit for OC. I don't think I'll ever even attempt an OC site with the way they do things. I've sent them 2 credit requests so far with no replies at all. I tried sending them an e-mail at their support page too and it came back as a failed address.


31-08-2005 04:53:26

Man do I wish I had their phone number and let them hear it. They know the offer was done, but they also know if they give him credit they have to send out an ipod to me. Do I hear BBB report?


31-08-2005 11:24:46

I think they pulled the magazine offers a while ago. I see FreeServers, PartyPoker, DirecTV, and Road Loans.


31-08-2005 15:23:56

yeah it was about a month ago they pulled those. OC will just go down like Coobro did cause they can get anyone to sign up because of the bad offers. But the hell if i'm going to be a victim of it going down before i get my ipod.


31-08-2005 18:02:44

It sucks that they want such expensive offers and don't even credit all the time. I sent them my three confirmations

Dear Michael,

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You have made a payment to Interpay Processing Limited
Seller Name (
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Payment processed by GPAY

Transaction Date/Time was 8/15/2005 52556 PM
Item Description delrio
Item ID/Number xxxxxx
Item Price $56.02 CAD
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Conversion Rate used 1.244880
UseMyBank Invoice Number xxxxxxxx
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I played using all the money and lost it all (

After awhile I sent them a non credit request, then again and finally was fed up and e-mailed support and they replied with


Unfortunately we have not received any indication that you have completed
this offer. At this point, the only thing we can recommend is you try a
different offer. There are several reasons why an advertiser may have
declined your transaction.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services"


So I guess I am pretty much screwed, I refuse to do another offer which for all I know won't credit either.


31-08-2005 18:04:57

[quotee6bb3eb79d="halfbreed"][quotee6bb3eb79d="Archon810"]OC is dead to me![/quotee6bb3eb79d][/quotee6bb3eb79d]



31-08-2005 18:16:35

God this sucks!!! I have been trying to complete mp3players4free for close to 8 months now. I have been stuck on 4 refs since feb. If OC closes, I am going to be HELLA pissed!!! I have had a total of 3 totally legit refs DQ'ed. It sucks and if they close, I am definitly calling the BBB and whoever else I can to get my f-ing money!


01-09-2005 01:12:33

That really sucks. Hope it works out for you!


02-09-2005 04:48:02

They really need an OC rep over here. Why wouldnt they want to put up customer support and get more people to signup? sigh hope is diminishing


09-09-2005 12:44:17

well, a bit of good news on OCīs side.

I secured my 18th ref and he did Party Poker last Friday (2nd).
and on Wednesday (7th) he had turned green. That is pretty
impressive knowing OC's present record and being that he was
indeed my very last ref.

I am processing now. Since only 1 referral has been DQ'ed from
the first round of processing, it should be lickity-split passing through
the second round of processing....right?

Anyways, as long as my 18th ref is legit and my prize arrives via Paypal,
I will have capped my lackluster free-stuff run with a bright spot.


09-09-2005 12:50:22

[quote0a36265b88="eye_why"]God this sucks!!! I have been trying to complete mp3players4free for close to 8 months now. I have been stuck on 4 refs since feb. If OC closes, I am going to be HELLA pissed!!! I have had a total of 3 totally legit refs DQ'ed. It sucks and if they close, I am definitly calling the BBB and whoever else I can to get my f-ing money![/quote0a36265b88]

They did the same to me. I say we contact the BBB regardless. I think that they'll continue to DQ people at whim to decrease their "redemption" rate--the rate (or percentage) of people completing all the requirements for OC sites in order to receive prizes. They're obviously getting crushed by Freepay and other legit operators and now are resorting to scamming to stay afloat.


11-09-2005 16:58:49

Congrats Ben and good luck getting through the processing stage.

I may have to see about trying to get my last two greens for ppl willing to sign up under Party Poker.


11-09-2005 22:34:25

I signed up for cameras4free for OC a while ago for someone but shitty offers and these are the offers now

Party Poker
IX Web Hosting
Road Loans


12-09-2005 15:42:52

I signed up for ipodshuffles4free for someone and all I can see is this

http// (screenshot)

I can't even [i96cc83a632]do[/i96cc83a632] an offer!!


12-09-2005 16:02:33

[quote6d8b7f466d="heeeraldo"]I signed up for ipodshuffles4free for someone and all I can see is this

http// (screenshot)

I can't even [i6d8b7f466d]do[/i6d8b7f466d] an offer!![/quote6d8b7f466d]

Wow thats a new one. Not being able to see any offer at all..


13-09-2005 08:13:36

[quoteb975b34347="heeeraldo"]I signed up for ipodshuffles4free for someone and all I can see is this

http// (screenshot)

I can't even [ib975b34347]do[/ib975b34347] an offer!![/quoteb975b34347]
Wow. that's the next level of OC.... they won't even let ppl do offers roll


13-09-2005 10:30:25

Party poker is actually crediting on OC? thats very good news for people
who only have 1 or 2 refferals left to get their prize.