OC casino offers

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20-08-2005 08:01:02

Ive done 2 sites that only offer casino sites (Allthis4free and best free gear) with great success but im wondering if anyone here has tried a casino offer with an OC site. I can still do Flatscreens4free and Macminis4free but I dont want to enter into trades unless I can get
some kind of confirmation that the casino offers on OC will green at a decent time.


20-08-2005 08:15:49

Well I had 2 referrals do the bingos.com offer. One credited while the other never did. And we've been waiting over 3 weeks since she sent the support ticket.

They took bingos.com off though. I'm pretty sure that the casino offers work but some will never credit and if it doesn't credit your out 50 bucks. So be careful.


20-08-2005 12:51:29

Yeah, stay away from OC. I suggest you try the new casino site from the For You Network.