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18-08-2005 20:24:37

I've had 4/5 refs for for a little under a year, I have been trying to get my friends to signup for Blockbuster because that seems to be the only offer anyone is remotely interested in. I got 4 refs quite easily, one was invalid because of multiple accounts. No biggie I thought, one more ref will be easy (every ref I got had been signing up for Blockbuster). Well, I got plenty of people to signup for mp3players, but Blockbuster seemed to have disappeared. None of my signed up refs could find the offer link, so here I am with 1 ref to go and about 10 people willing to do blockbuster with no blockbuster offer showing up. Is it true that the offers become limited as a gain more referrals? Any way to get around this and squeeze out one more Blockbuster link???? I have been pretty perplexed about this for about half a year, please help.


18-08-2005 20:55:56

They only have shitty offers left for the last few referrals. I'm afraid that you're out of luck.


19-08-2005 14:42:04

Is that actually how it works, they take away the easy offers as you get referrals? Or are there just no good offers available at all right now?


19-08-2005 21:18:12

For OC they take away offers until your left with THE OFFERS OF DOOM!


21-08-2005 13:06:03

Ya, the only offers availible for my last ref are directtv, car loans, on-line gambling and webhosting. Wouldn't you think companies like Blockbuster would be mad that their offer isn't shown to everyone?


21-08-2005 13:11:51

Holy shit, thats bullshit. I never really paid attention to what the offers of doom were, but this is bullshit