Xbox3604free - can I get PP already?

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03-08-2005 16:01:22


I completed OC's a while ago, was verified and placed my order a week ago ($350 PayPal, Canada).

Are OC already sending those PayPal payments, or don't they start shipping until the xBox360 launch (that'd would suck)?

THanks, Lupi


03-08-2005 16:09:45

They should just send you the paypal soon if that's what you asked for.

So did everything go smooth with verifying your account on this site?


04-08-2005 13:48:30

Yeah, no problems with the verification of my account.

I had 13 referrals, 10 of whom completed their offers. OC claimed that 3 of my completed referrals were invalid (multiple accounts, invalid location, spam complaints), but one of them apparently resolved the issue with OC, thus I had 8 valid referrals.

Well, I hope they'll pay me tomorrow. We'll see.

- Lupi


04-08-2005 14:14:14

Alright good luck. Are Fridays payout days?


04-08-2005 19:48:47

I placed my order on Sunday, and phew, no more Offercentric sites for me. I had to pay 35 bucks for my last referral, those darn offers of doom. Hopefully mine will go out tomorrow as well, seems they always send out on Thursday Nights/Friday.


05-08-2005 23:52:50

Still no paypal, you?


06-08-2005 00:43:47

[quote3328a70ca1="J4320"]Alright good luck. Are Fridays payout days?[/quote3328a70ca1]

Friday WAS the payout day. though im not sure if they changed it yet.

PS Can you PM me tomorrow about your site. Im busy tonight.


06-08-2005 09:52:22

[quoteb276e21d7e="CoMpFrEaK"][quoteb276e21d7e="J4320"]Alright good luck. Are Fridays payout days?[/quoteb276e21d7e]

Friday WAS the payout day. though im not sure if they changed it yet.

PS Can you PM me tomorrow about your site. Im busy tonight.[/quoteb276e21d7e]

Well I don't have to PM you the link. It' sitting in the trade module. So when you're not busy..... And also put your paypal email in the trade module or PM me with it.


07-08-2005 11:34:15

Just got my paypal today, awesome!


07-08-2005 11:56:26

Congrats. You got it on Saturday?


07-08-2005 12:46:28

[quotea0fc9edc98="J4320"]Congrats. You got it on Saturday?[/quotea0fc9edc98]

at least 3 people I know of got paid today (saturday)


07-08-2005 12:55:15

Well it's good to see OC becoming active again.


29-08-2005 12:33:16

Forgot about this topic Got my $350 PayPal two or three weeks ago... NICE!


29-08-2005 13:11:53

fuckers, i should get my money too