different colors?

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30-07-2005 22:03:57

on ds4free.com when you are approved and they ask you your shipping details can you chose if you want the gray one or electric blue?


31-07-2005 11:13:46

ull findout wontcha


31-07-2005 11:32:08

[quote819c6f27d9="Lunarpancake"]ull findout wontcha[/quote819c6f27d9]

i'm guessing he hasnt even signed up

he keeps asking questions about tons of sites but doesn't ever post anything worthwhile about trading in the trading forums


31-07-2005 11:37:45

I'm assuming they'll just send you the silver kind.


01-08-2005 23:43:23

I hate OC with a passion. ?


04-08-2005 14:16:49

[quote5f1ad43b07="theclownoftightness"]I hate OC with a passion. ?[/quote5f1ad43b07]

Well they've been putting some better offers up to the offers of d00m. Maybe they're trying to make a comeback.