(old thread) Offers of Doom..no more?

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28-07-2005 14:31:42

Well, i just signed up for PVPs4free.com for a trade with someone and it looks like they have rearannged the site a little and touched some things up. The weird thing is though; they still have all of the offers there not just the offers of doom. Is OC turning around?


28-07-2005 14:53:49

I hope so, that'd be great.


28-07-2005 21:28:58

yes, I really hope so then people would'nt be scared to do my ds4free


28-07-2005 21:35:10

The offers are determined by the person you signed up under...

So if you signed up under someone that just started then you'll have all offers.


28-07-2005 23:30:24

umm........ der


28-07-2005 23:34:20

Well if you knew that, then I wasn't talking to you...der.


29-07-2005 01:32:53

I'll der your face


29-07-2005 06:31:54

i'll der in your mouth

I hope they get rid of the offers of doom ?


01-08-2005 08:36:43

Wow, I just had someone sign up and go green instantly on an OC site.. I remember when it used to be like that!


01-08-2005 08:57:12

The offers of doom are still up for people who are almost done.


14-08-2005 18:19:40

Wait, so I'm stuck with these shitty offers, and they aren't gonna put any new ones up for the people who sign up using my referral to do?


01-09-2005 15:53:11

k can someone clear up if this is resolved or not? i stopped doing my pvps4free w/ 4 offers on it.. and was thinking about picking it back up if they've stopped being huge deuches


02-09-2005 23:17:18

OC hasn't stopped with their bs tactics, rest assured.


03-09-2005 00:03:13

[quotead7605f2c8="J4320"]The offers of doom are still up for people who are almost done.[/quotead7605f2c8]

I think that is bull, they should not be able to do that why dont they just not have any offers for your last person so you can just never complete it then. I dont understand why the do this other then trying to pull a fast one.


03-09-2005 16:46:32

[quote2f13b29dae="tonydanza92"]i'll der in your mouth

I hope they get rid of the offers of doom ?[/quote2f13b29dae]

LOL........i just checked my cameras4free site and it still only has 4 offers available......complete crap


05-09-2005 19:32:34

it's a business for them, and they can run it however they want (unfortunately)

just pay someone to do a final offer, and get it over with


05-09-2005 20:03:57

can a mod or OP change the title of this thread?

Get my hopes up and splat


05-09-2005 22:23:15



06-09-2005 08:59:58