When should I click "I have completed this offer"

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24-07-2005 17:24:26

For the Discover Gas Card it says to apply, get approved, and activate the card. Should I click the "I have completed this offer" button after I apply or after I get the card and all that stuff?


24-07-2005 17:50:16

I'd say click that you have completed it after you initially signed up for the card rather than clicking it after getting the card.


24-07-2005 18:46:02

Okay, maybe I'll just click the thing.

Has anybody ever lost credit for clicking too early? You'd think that would be impossible, but it seems these people are always giving people the shaft for no reason.


24-07-2005 19:33:23

Once I clicked an offer I didn't do just to see what would happen.

Nothing happened.