How instant are the instant offers on OC

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21-07-2005 06:33:52

as the topic states


21-07-2005 07:12:29

There are no instant, quickest is a day


21-07-2005 07:24:19

[quotede98f9438d="CoMpFrEaK"]There are no instant, quickest is a day[/quotede98f9438d]

According to the site, there are offers that show "Instant Credit" logos next to them, though I haven't tried any of them myself, not sure if it's gratis-type instant or within a day "instant".


15-08-2005 12:34:16

I did an "instant credit" offer today on both Gratis and OC. Gratis' went green right away. I'm still pending on the OC site. However, I had a ref sign up on the OC site today and they went green right away. So I know I had my cookies set up right or else the Gratis offer wouldn't of went green. I'm now a bit concerned. I'll keep this updated if I get credit on that instant credit offer.


16-08-2005 14:32:00

My friend signed up on my OC account and did one of the instant ones and it was green almost immediately.


16-08-2005 14:50:05

Yeah, I have a feeling it's not going to credit by tomorrow. So I will try and submit a form through the Help section. Does anyone know if they credit manually? Or if I'll have to do another offer?

lililiUPDATE I received credit for the offer today (8/17/05). I sent in a support ticket. ) Yay for OC.


01-09-2005 16:39:23

I did an instant offer just a few minutes ago and it went through instantly.


01-09-2005 16:55:39

[quote7fc4bc4a16="CoMpFrEaK"]There are no instant, quickest is a day[/quote7fc4bc4a16]