DS4Free change from 4 refs. to 3? Am i crazy...

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15-07-2005 00:55:37

It says on the front page of DS4free.com under Pick your Gift, "3 Referrals, the lowest anywhere!" Has OC changed the DS from 4 refs. to 3 or has it always been 3? Cause i have 3 now but my offer is still pending and maybe thats why this other Green isnt going seeing as how its my, in a sense, last referral.


15-07-2005 01:00:21

It says 3 on the front page, but my site still says 4. They'll still probably screw you out of at least 4 before approving you.


15-07-2005 01:01:46

Yeah, mine has 3 greens and still says You still need 1 more person to complete an offer blah blah blah


15-07-2005 01:03:32

f#@$ing OC.


15-07-2005 10:36:01

how does OC get away with treading everyone so badly?


15-07-2005 10:40:14

[quote4e7676a25d="Novuxan"]how does OC get away with treading everyone so badly?[/quote4e7676a25d]

It'll catch up to them.