Free servers

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13-07-2005 23:42:00

I finally got a friend to sign up for free servers...It says one day to credit but it's been almost 3 days now and still hasnt gone green...Anyone else done free servers recently?
As of early 7/19 no credit yet...Guess will have referal submit ticket in a few days


14-07-2005 21:32:12

Is that one of the offers of d00m? Let us know how it goes.


19-07-2005 18:16:04

I have a question about freeservers also, what package do you need to sign up under to get credited?


22-07-2005 12:34:45

I think the 36 dollar one.


24-07-2005 12:46:16

I think it might actually be $33 unless they changed it.

That one seems so sporadic in crediting. I don't understand though. They used to be fantastic at crediting when more users were doing their sites, but now that their popularity has dwindled, they are actually worse at crediting? You'd think they'd have more time to improve crediting times and take down offers that are iffy like this.

Just my 2 cents.