Orexis Credit Problems???

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12-07-2005 14:24:14

I completed the Orexis Offer trial on 25th of june 2005. And until now no credit.

Contacted Offercentric. They told me wait 10 business days.

10 business days later. Nothing, they say to contact the advertiser.

Nothing still .... What is going on ?

Offercentric is still in business or is taking opportunity to steal their members???

If somebody knows why it's like that please post your answer here

Thank you all

The Dude


12-07-2005 14:40:11

Email Urban Nutrition. Tell them. I usuallt receive credit a week after. Alhtough lately I havent but whatever. Hope it helps.


12-07-2005 15:07:37

What do you have to do for Orexis?


12-07-2005 16:29:10

I called Urban Nutrition and they resubmitted the info to offercentric they told me. They did that last week and i called them again today because i had no news from Offercentric.

Orexis offer trial was to buy the trial offer of Orexis for 7 days wich was 11.68$ US for the shipping charges.

Can somebody provide me more help?

Thanks guys

The Dude


13-07-2005 13:58:23

They always say


Unfortunately we have not received any indication from the advertiser of
this transaction. Because our service is 100% commissioned from
advertisers, all verification will come from them.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services


I have contacted twice the Orexis customer line and they said they resubmitted the information to the affiliate ....


13-07-2005 14:48:15

Ah this isn't good.... Isn't that the easiest of the offers of d00m?