OC is shady and rips people off - here is the proof

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29-06-2005 21:49:25

Alright this is going to be a long post but I want to warn everyone about this network I realize many people in the past have had awesome luck with them. I want to believe they are a good network but my experience with there sites and there support staff has been horrible.

Alright to start off I (being a newbie at the time ) signed up on mp3playersfree and I think Notebooks4free it has been so long ago I cant really remember. Well I got Dqed because when I moved I thought that I had to sign up again. Yes I was stupid and didnít read the TOS. Anyway I get DQed and I find out why. I understand that I have violated the TOS and am disappointed but I understand the consequences of my actions. So over on macminis4free I have completed a offer and have a couple of referrals. After being DQed I read the TOS and find that I will be DQed on all of their sites. I send the support team a email asking if it would be fine to pursue macminis4free. They email me back and I quote.

This account is in violation of our terms. You may signup for another site
but this account has been disqualified.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services

So of course I am like cool - I have violated the terms but they understand that I am stupid and are a cool company and have modified them for me. They are showing me some grace. Sweet.

Well time passes and I am finally in the verification stages. Well I get a email saying that I am Dqed for multiple accounts. I then begin a series of emails with them describing what happened and how they said that it was ok for me to pursue macminis4free. Turns out that they accused my mothers account of being the multiple account. Well I have my mother do another offer to prove to them that she is a unique user. They reinstate my account but they DQ my moms account as a referral for me.

At this point I am pissed but at least we have made an agreement. So I have another person do another referral and they go green. Again I am back in the verification stages. My account is approved and I place an order. Well my mother gets a suspicious email from The OC and she forwards it to me. Basically it says that she should pursue finishing the site when we both know that they already have DQed on my account and will DQ her when she gets to the verification stages.

I, thinking that I am ok with the OC now that they approve me and I have placed a order, send an email to their support team simply asking what the email to my mother was about. I clearly stated that she forwarded it to me. Then the sh - it hits the fan again!!!

I get a quick response saying that my account has been DQed again for multiple accounts with my motherís account being the one that they consider a multiple. So I am totally shocked because that is what they said before I proved that she was a unique user - also they didnít allow her referral to count on my account. So how in the world can they say its a multiple account.

I have tried to contact them but their support staff is really rude and doesnít really care what you say they simply reply with automated responses.

I have contacted the BBB and called the Secretary of States office in California. I hope that I can resolve this because I am totally legit - from the beginning though they have lied to me and made it as hard as possible to receive a minimac. I have documents all emails I have with them and have the date and times of when everything happened.

OC if you read this - please consider all the facts. I have proved to you that I am legit and that my mother is also. I have done offers on multiple OC sites. Seems to me like you are in it for the money and not for giving people gifts.

This is just a fair warning - I encourage everyone to consider this situation before they think about pursuing an offercentric site. Stay with gratis everyone.

I will keep this updated as the contact continues with the OC

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29-06-2005 21:56:04

wow, but yeah, OC is notorious for crazy DQs, you better not even touch your family if you try OC. I say fuck em, move to Gratis...


30-06-2005 05:40:31

you posted this story twice, please delete it from my thread.

and good luck.
OC sucks balls.


30-06-2005 07:54:17

[quote506edc5cb6="jmile86"]I, thinking that I am ok with the OC now that they approve me and I have placed a order, send an email to their support team simply asking what the email to my mother was about. [/quote506edc5cb6]

First off, why the HELL would you email OC about your suspicious mother's account if they have already DQ'd you for it multiple times?!

You managed to get all the way to processing, and still screw yourself over... roll

Kudos, new record.

Dont use family as referals! Don't press your luck after being approved! DONT DO OC!


30-06-2005 08:00:39

Exactly...a point I've always made in cheering for sports teams is to not talk shit before you're guaranteed a win or have won. If you talk too soon, you are more than likely going to be made into an ass later.