Scammed by OC. Add me to the list.

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15-06-2005 17:01:06

I never realized other people were having my problems until I checked this forum. They are clearly shaving referrals and its impossible for me to complete a site. There is no excuse why I order one time, get 1 referral rejected, so I get another green, order again and now I get 2 ADDITIONAL REDS (3 IN TOTAL) WEEKS AFTER I ORDER. Im considering writing to the BBB. Anyone with me? Also, my psps4free offer wouldnt green either even when I recieved stuff in the mail. Shameless scammers.


15-06-2005 17:03:37

yeah....This is why I am emailing them previously before getting my last psps4free ref. Having them recheck my account, because people keep getting different results every time they go under review (how does this EVER happen?) I can see refs being DQed, but having more refs be DQed the 2nd time around is RIDICULOUS. I have heard of this happening so many times now, and its absurd.


15-06-2005 20:41:36

wait they approved you're account? then you placed an order, only to get it rejected? ?


15-06-2005 20:46:51

In my case, I had 5/5 referrals, and 1 got DQ. I am not going to spend all this money for my last ref to find out 2 more refs are DQ. OC sucks ass.