OC petition

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11-06-2005 18:23:02

I found this lame petition someone wrote to OC. Check it out. They aren't even requesting anything lol

[quote16191773fc]To Offercentric LLC

OfferCentric LLC has been putting members on hold for no apparent reasons and We, the members are tired of it. We spend numerous hours trying to get referrals, but OfferCentric decides to put the account on hold because they feel like it.


The Undersigned [/quote16191773fc]



11-06-2005 23:40:07

Well clearly the way to create change is to make inchorent petitions. lol


12-06-2005 09:49:17

lol, wow that is lame.


13-06-2005 00:30:47

That's interesting. I thought the idea of a petition was to [ib2efdc3ff5]petition[/ib2efdc3ff5] for something.

Has anyone every actually seen something come of these arbitrary online petitions? To me they seem to be little more than salves for the angry veins protruding from the authors' foreheads. I think people are under the mistaken assumption that a petition is some integral cog in the machinery of democracy.