credit time

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07-06-2005 21:44:55

How long does it usually take to get credit for the offer?


07-06-2005 21:48:01

OC has Is this new?


07-06-2005 21:51:50

No its not new. Its bargainhomenetwork or somethin like that. I was wondering how long it takes to credit with most people?


28-06-2005 02:51:37

Credit was instant for me


28-06-2005 05:36:31

i'm doing this offer on a different site, not OC, and the site's criteria is that you remain a member for 7 days and you get credited within 10.

sucky thing is, the free trial is for 7 days, after which you get charged $14.


01-07-2005 19:39:27

i did this on notebooks4free and it's been forever... actually SINCE 6/13 !!!!! i've submitted the email i got from and i think they responded w/something like "yeah, we're reviewing it now" and i haven't heard from them since!!! WTF?