How much longer is OC going to be in business?

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03-06-2005 11:04:39

I just wanted to see what everyones thoughts were based on the recent activities surrounding OC, and the majority of complaints.



04-06-2005 08:03:55

I definitely won't be doing any more OC sites - I've been waiting around 2 weeks for approval on my mp3players4free account, and once it's done, I'm finished with them. I e-mailed a while back and they said "give it 3 business days", but still nothing. After losing my DVDs4free account while my last referral was waiting to green, I'm really disgusted with OC in general. Best of luck to anybody else trying to finish up their dealings with them.


04-06-2005 08:49:26

i think oc will be in bussiness for a while. 8 referals for an xbox which costs them 300$ they will just send out the base unit of it. unlike gratis which will probably make it worth the 8 referals u got shoulve been 6 referals. so they are getting tons of extra money from that. and since they dont have to ship those for a while they can use the money to pay people know they oww.

this might be another prizecube but the xbox site saved them cause it got them lots of extra income so they werent like prizecube who u had to wait 3 months for a gift.


04-06-2005 10:18:05

I dont think they will go anywhere