Offer centric needs to fix shit now

Live forum:


31-05-2005 13:35:08

i have people signing up for me... looking for certain offers... i see the offers... then they sign up for me and they are all different

this is some bullshit


31-05-2005 13:45:43

They are doing it on purpose theres nothing to fix....


31-05-2005 13:51:37

are they trying to drive customers away?


31-05-2005 19:34:42

they are trying to make it impossible for you to get your prize so they can make more money off you. they probably plan to close soon and dont care if more people sign up or not.


31-05-2005 19:55:47

Hmm...I'm seeing if OC doesn't straighten shit up, and Gusto ships out things to prove they're legit, that oc will fall and Gusto will move into OC's place at 2nd place in the free stuff world. Just my opinion...