My account status is still o.k but the my referral went red

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25-05-2005 16:27:32

Hi, the person that I did the referral for just told me that my referral went red for him... but when I check my account status.. it's still fine.. it didn't say anything... I emailed oc, they said that i have created multiple accounts which is totally untrue. I only have 1 account. I've been trying to ask them to verify this information and send me proofs. I havent' heard from them yet.

My question is that... if my referral went red for someone, would my account be suspended? or... is there anyway i can tell if my referral went fine?


25-05-2005 16:54:22

Don't attempt this site any further until you get an ok from OC. Followup on it.


25-05-2005 17:42:52

i just got the same flicking answer from OC.
i signed up for multiple OC sites, but never twice for the SAME site.
the only explanation i can give is that i do offers at work and sometimes check the progress at home.

Im trying to fight it........grrrrrrr

FYI--if your email address goes red on someone else's site, that means your site and all your greens you got are invalid until the situation is corrected.