How long till I get my psp? Went Reviewing Account today!

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25-05-2005 13:04:49

Woo! My last offer went green today! 5 offers completed and I did one too. Now it says reviewing account. How long until I get my psp do you think? Thanks alot!!


25-05-2005 15:32:11

It'll try and review for a couple weeks before it approves you to order. You can expedite this process by emailing them in 3-5 days asking when you'll get approved.

If you get approved, I'd suggest ordering the paypal it is sent out once a week and you can just use that money to purchase your own psp.

If you want the psp, the time can vary. I have never ordered an item from OC but I believe 2 weeks after ordering would be a good bet.


25-05-2005 16:26:20

Sweet!!!!!!!!! I just got green today, went under account review, then emailed them. And I was approved!! I just ordered 250 via paypal.

When will they pay it? Thx


25-05-2005 16:42:41

Friday most likely. it was Sat last week though so who knows.


25-05-2005 16:56:58

Will I be included in this week's payout?


25-05-2005 16:58:39

you should be. i was approved about the same time last wed and received my payment that week. but if not it's only another week to wait, lol.