OMGOMGOMGOMG PSPs4Free on hold for nothing!!

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24-05-2005 11:14:33

So I got this nice email today after requesting approval on Friday. The person in the email is my buddy, and there's NO way that I have an additional account under his name. WTF!

We're sorry but your account has been disqualified for referral fraud.
records indicate you have an additional account under This is against our terms and this account will
remain on hold.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services

Here's my response to them so far

with all due respect, I would like to say that I NEVER had any additional accounts, or tried to refer myself to get credit. I run a website called, which got me more than 100 referrals, and I dont have a need to cheat, I'm aware of your policies very well.

You mentioned in your email that the reason for the hold is that I have an extra account under Let me assure you that it is a completely legit separate person with his own household, address, phone number, family, etc. and that I have never created dual accounts. I'm ready to provide any proof needed to prove that I'm not him, and we're completely unrelated.

I respect your company and I hope that you will make the right decision in this case, because I never cheated.

lilililili lilililililililililililili


24-05-2005 11:37:48

good luck


24-05-2005 12:19:34

damn, now i'm sitting here at work, checking email every 5 minutes for the OC's response. Can't even do work, just keep thinking about how I might not get my very deserved PSP...


24-05-2005 12:36:24

its ok... i still love you


24-05-2005 13:30:40

if they dont do anything just keep sending them emails but be nice
it got me off hold for gratis


24-05-2005 13:49:30

[quote86e8a27406="eYank"]if they dont do anything just keep sending them emails but be nice
it got me off hold for gratis[/quote86e8a27406]

Do you think my email was good? What else would I say?


24-05-2005 13:56:22

Best of luck to you. I was DQ'd on PSPs4free because of BS too. I've been going back and forth with them since early April. Not only was I screwed out of the PSP/$250 because I was DQ'd, the person I signed up under had his referral rejected and I had to send the money back. It led to my bank account being overdrawn and I had to pay about $50 worth of fees. Not to mention that I spent about $90 getting my refs on PSPs4free.

In total I lost about $415 ($250 for the gift, $90 for my refs, $25 when I had to refund the money to the person I signed up under, $50 worth of bank fees). mad


24-05-2005 13:57:02

say listen cock boys

my freind is going down to mexico on friday

and he will stop by ur office and break u nerds in half!

gimme my gift BITCHES

P.S. love the site!


06-06-2005 01:48:13

i wanna let u guys know that everything has been solved and a week ago I was reverted to Reviewing Account. Today I got an email that my account was approved.

Congratulations! Your account passed our verification
process for your FREE gift!