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19-05-2005 18:22:11

I think I might have messed up....

I made an mp3players4free deal a while back, but thinking back, I signed up for PVPsforfree like two weeks later....will this be a problem with offercentric?

I haven't completed on PVP or made any referrals....



19-05-2005 19:27:41

Uhhh there 2 totally different sites. If i read your post right, no it wont be a problem.


20-05-2005 03:42:10

yeha u shouldnt have a problem on eof my referals accidently made 3 accounts on psps4free he never logged in any of them but the on he a referal for. he messaged oc and they deleted all his excess accounts and now he can do the site. wihtout being put on hold