www.dvrs4free.com SHUT DOWN!!!!!

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18-05-2005 21:24:46

Was about to get my final green today and I get this

Site Closure

We are sorry to inform you that dvrs4free.com is no longer available due to limited interest.
As a consolation, members who have active accounts (logged in between 4/1/05 and 5/18/05) and have completed offers but have not been approved for a free gift will receive $10 per offer completion payable via PayPal.

I think that's $10 per offer that -I'VE- completed. I've paypal'd two $25 greens and another two trades for about $20 each. That's $60 in the hole. GREAT. Had 4 greens and another pending. I've had so much trouble with OC offers not giving greens lately, it's ridiculous.


18-05-2005 21:26:14

yea man i just got my 5th today as well....waiting for it to turn green


18-05-2005 21:47:29

sorry for that - that sucks


18-05-2005 21:51:31

yeah, just noticed this! oh well i guess ill get my $10 and move on. when you think about it, who actually got a dvr, and not cash?


18-05-2005 21:54:21

It's probably because no-one ever ordered a DVR, just Paypal.


18-05-2005 23:06:12



19-05-2005 03:47:46

jdkls;aufklasef, and I submitted for approval and last week, and one turned red. Fuck!

Ah well, dems the breaks, I suppose.


19-05-2005 04:32:11

mother fuck


19-05-2005 04:38:08

yeah everyone was taking paypal because dvrs is 275$ for 5 referals where if u do psps or mp3's its only 250$. i think they should pay out like 15-20$ for each completed referal since they probabaly get paid around 20-40$ per offer competion


19-05-2005 06:11:05

This is absurd - they want to be regarded as a legitimate, professional company and yet they insult their users like this? A reputable business would have at LEAST given a month or two's notice. True professionals would have allowed members to move their greens to another one of their sites.

Like half the people on this thread, I was waiting for my last green. What really infuriates me is that my mother completed an offer for me last week, and another guy from this forum did one yesterday - yet neither was informed at the time that the site would be closing.


19-05-2005 08:59:04

I also signed up yesterday as part of a trade with another member, along with the pvps4free site, I am awaiting credit for both sites, I hope the memebr I traded with will stand up to his side of the deal and do my freeipod since I completed mine... Have no reason to think he wont, but I just hope he will....


19-05-2005 09:29:58

likewise situation. was waiting on my 5th green.
I agree that this was very unprofessional. I wrote an email
to the company today voicing my displeasure.

I have 17 greens on notebooks and i will be sore as hell if that OC
site gets closed down shortly after i finish (or before).


19-05-2005 09:43:12

i shall be writting a detailed report about all free sites and how they make money. also including why dvrs4free got shut down, cause it is logical why they did it


19-05-2005 09:44:30

Definitely not a good move for the number 2 freesite to be closing down a site without notice.

That's a pretty huge strike against OfferCentric. Makes me wonder how their business is doing.

Why close a site "out of lack of interest". So what if there were only a few people interested in the site? It doesn't cost much extra to keep it running for the people that liwereli interested and actively referring people.

Closing down a whole site seems pretty drastic.


19-05-2005 09:55:15

just received this email from OC a couple of minutes ago

[quote609da3b0ba="OC customer service"]Subject Re Man am I dissapointed that DVRs4Free closed...

Dear DVRs4Free.com member,

We regret to inform you that DVRs4Free.com has been closed due to lack of
interest. As a consolation, we are offering $10 per offer completion.
We are not obligated to provide any compensation for participating in this
promotion, though would like to extend a gift of appreciation for your

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services


19-05-2005 15:11:24

god dammit, this is such bullshit.... i ahd 3 done.. and two in the process of doing it(they've completed offers, hadn't cleared as of yesterday though).... FUCK


19-05-2005 15:24:31

I'm not quite as angry now, but I don't think I'll be doing any more business with OC. If they're going to shut any of their sites down at a moment's notice, I don't want to devote my time for them. Shutting it down may be good in a strict financial sense, but I doubt it'll be good as far as PR goes.


19-05-2005 15:48:31

Ya, I'm pissed. So why can't they move everyone's referrals to a site of their choice? They just stamped "SCAM" over every one of their sites, No one will trust them any more, it was a stupid decision...


19-05-2005 21:10:21

Read my topic in the off topic section "My report"


19-05-2005 21:48:12

[quote4d6e35afb3="kingokings"]Ya, I'm pissed. So why can't they move everyone's referrals to a site of their choice? They just stamped "SCAM" over every one of their sites, No one will trust them any more, it was a stupid decision...[/quote4d6e35afb3]

That wouldn't make any sense. If they did that then that would allow you to finish a different site and the still wouldn't make any money. They shut down the site because it wasn't making any money, not because it didn't look pretty and was taking up space.


20-05-2005 08:13:39

I was going to work on this one for the money, but it's pretty obvious why they shut it down.

Just would have been nice to give us more notice.

As for the PayPal thing, I went to the site to enter in my info and there's no place to enter anything. Just the text

"Thank you for participating in our dvrs4free.com promotion.

All orders currently placed will be fulfilled within 10 business days."

But yet the top of the page title says

"Enter PayPal Account Information"

I sent an email= to email=support@offercentric.comsupport@offercentric.com to email=support@offercentric.comsupport@offercentric.com/email asking how I can enter my information for the offers that were done so far.


20-05-2005 10:04:03

Got a reply back from Offer Centric


We're sorry but your account is not active. You have not logged in
2005-03-25 154500.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services

Oh well. I think I only had one offer on that account.


21-05-2005 21:58:21

Sorry to hear you all cant finish the sites. I did get paypal 275 from OC this morning for finishing DVR site sometime last week. I was actually going to wait for approval till I got back home since I was on a buisness trip, glad I sent for approval last week. On a side note Im glad they at least obliged a processed order, they couldve shafted me as well.


22-05-2005 17:29:34

I got $275 from them.


24-05-2005 09:35:38

I got my last green shortly after they closed
my last ref did video profesor (THANK GOODNESS)
they just emailed me saying im getting my 275$ tomorrow


26-05-2005 11:02:57

bastards..... woohoo... got my whole $10 today.... offer centric can eat my b@11s


26-05-2005 12:14:21

I got my 275$ today. I was extremely lucky that my last refferal did video professor. )
Sorry to those who got burned...