Reviewing to Approved in 10 Mins

Live forum:


18-05-2005 17:30:47

And wouldn't you guys like to know how? lol


18-05-2005 18:13:04

easy. send an email the moment you get your refs asking for apporval
worked for me.....


19-05-2005 22:09:40

never worked for me x i got "give us 3 days" ugh...


19-05-2005 23:41:22

depends on their mood i guess. after a ref got dq'd on psps i got another and it started reviewing again, didn't even have to send in an email, it was approved in less than 12 hours.


20-05-2005 11:38:21

[quoted9ceafa767="lamecity"]never worked for me x i got "give us 3 days" ugh...[/quoted9ceafa767]

Same here


20-05-2005 19:15:50

not fair. I heard they get mad when you email them when you're in approval stage lol


20-05-2005 22:24:56

Yeah, probably one of the reasons one of my totally legit refs went red.

Theyre turning out to be real shady.