Tickle offer credit problems and random offer i didn't do?

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18-05-2005 11:01:29

Tickle offer not being credited. it's only been 3 days, but it was supposed to be 2. PLUS i see now that i've done an offer for StarClub Rewards, wth is that?

i did pet chews, but i never got credit. that's why i ended up doing tickle. What up?


18-05-2005 12:24:33

i did the Tickle offer yesterday and got credit today


18-05-2005 16:17:59

I did tickle last month and never got credit. I've also had two people do tickle that didn't get credit as well on OC sites... pain in the ass.

But, now that I think about it, the site I did tickle on I got credit for an offer that I never did... something's screwy there.


18-05-2005 20:28:36

I did tickle and never got credit. Two days after I did it I got credit for a credit card offer. Now my account went red, and they say I did mulitple accounts. WTF?


19-05-2005 06:18:07

same thing happened to me on notebooks4free.com
I did tickle on a friday and no credit. Monday i see no credit for tickle and
it says i signed up for feel senerenity


19-05-2005 10:04:30

i hope that is just a typographical error and that they did not sign me up for something, should i just leave it alone? or email them about it.

i feel bad for these guys, they have alot of treacking to do, but this is a PITA. ).


19-05-2005 15:52:06

How much does the tickle offer cost anyways?


19-05-2005 16:44:23

[quote8cb4a7b268="theclownoftightness"]How much does the tickle offer cost anyways?[/quote8cb4a7b268]

the tickle iq is like 12-13 dollars