OC/psps4free problem

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17-05-2005 06:24:46

so i did a referral for someone on psps4free a few weeks ago. i did the netflix offer and have since received movies and decided to pay for the first month.....i haven't cancelled.

my site still says i've completed my offer (gourmet coffee). fine.

now the guy is teling me that i went "red" on his end and it says that i "signed up multiple times."

in no way did i do this. "phreepsps" is not a site i want to do, so i am therefore not getting referrals for it. all i've done is logged in to see whether or not i've gone green.

i explained this to the guy and said that he should email them with my explanation, but i really have nothing else to offer.

is it "legal" to sign up for more than one OC site at a time....completely different sites with different referrals and "gifts"?

any suggestions or advice?

(ps if you im me, based on this message, about trading....im only interested in getting greens for my mp3players4free at this time)


17-05-2005 07:15:18

You need to contact OC yourself. They can explain to you why they think you have multiple accounts and then you can tell them why you don't.


17-05-2005 11:30:04

a simple email asking why it happened and that i didnt sign up for multiple sites (only for multiple VARIOUS ones), got me an email stating only "your account has been validated"

nice work.