WTF is up with OC lately?!

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16-05-2005 23:32:01

This is my first time with them, and so far its sucked.

One of my referrals that I know are unique and legit got turned red..

GRRR. Should I submit a ticket or find a new referral? If I really wanted to do 5 referrals for something I shouldve just did PSPs4Free

The only thing thats keeping me from flipping out at this point is that I got approved for today.



16-05-2005 23:39:08

Sent a ticket


I just logged into my DS4Free account to find that one of my referrals has been turned red. Not that I'm calling you liars, but I'm almost 100% sure this person was a unique and legitimate referral.

As stated in a previous support ticket, I wanted to take this DS with me on a cross-country road trip. If I needed to get 5 referrals for something else I would've just waited and went for

Can you please provide me with the information as to why this person is red (maybe the email address they used to sign up another account with), so I can pass it on to that person.

Hopefully this can all be resolved soon, and I look forward to dealing with OfferCentric in the future.

Best Regards,

Hopefully I'll atleast get some information soon, or maybe a reversed green.. Still kind of pissed off but I know it can all be resolved.


17-05-2005 07:13:05

You need to have the ref. send a support ticket also.


17-05-2005 10:32:26

They will responf andtry and resolve it. I am sure - I just got a hold removed from my account.


17-05-2005 10:36:25

quite frankly, OC seems to do that a lot--wrongly place people on hold and/or discount legitimate referrals. Every time it's happened to me they've fixed it, but I still don't understand why it seems to be so common for them. I've never had that problem on Gratis or Coobro.

It's like they're just testing to see if you and your ref will fight it or just let it go and force you to get another (their preferred course of action, one would imagine).

And Chris, just my two cents, but I would try to be a little less demanding in my correspondence with them. Mind you, I don't think you're out of line whatsoever, but they are the judge, jury, and executioner and I've found it helps to kiss their ass.


17-05-2005 12:30:29

lol, I don't know how I was demanding.. I reread it and it seems okay to me.

Oh well. I got an email from them telling me why they put people on hold. Also, this red came at 200am EST.. Wtf is up with that, heh.


17-05-2005 12:38:22

[quoteee1f062aeb="MicroChris"]lol, I don't know how I was demanding.. I reread it and it seems okay to me.

Oh well. I got an email from them telling me why they put people on hold. Also, this red came at 200am EST.. Wtf is up with that, heh.[/quoteee1f062aeb]

Just trying to help, Chris. You don't have to listen to me, but I've never been placed on hold indefinitely (or had a referral placed on hold indefinitely) on any site. If you'll re-read what I said, you'll see that I said that I personally had no problem with it, but that I recognize how it might be received. In fairness, however, "demanding" probably wasn't the best way to characterize your email. Perhaps just a little too harsh or bitchy.

For example, prefacing any correspondence with these guys with "not that I'm calling you liars" is probably not a good policy. Additionally, your remark that "if [you] needed to get 5 referrals for something else [you] would've just waited and went for" isn't the most tactful way of asking that they look into your situation.

The thing to remember in general with regard to any difficulties with OC or other free site companies is that each of you are not on equal ground(i.e. they don't have to give you shit and there's nothing you can do about it), so your best policy is to be inordinately polite and hope that they accommodate you.

Again, just my two cents [bee1f062aeb]in an effort to help you[/bee1f062aeb] not chastise you.


17-05-2005 12:48:13

Oh no no no, I understand you're trying to give me advice. After reading what you said, yes, I could've worded it better.


I replied to their email and hopefully this will get straightened out.


18-05-2005 05:20:08

They dont care if you are leaving for Thailand for 6 months, or on your deathbed in the hospital and just want the DS to help you pass your final days...

Alls fair in love and freebies