Same billing Addy, differenr shipping address? Will it work?

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16-05-2005 14:16:12

If an older sibling goes to college and their shipping address is different than yours. But they have the same billing address, will it still work? Different computers too. The credit cards just have the same billing. He lives somwhere else.



16-05-2005 16:07:08

[quote9668c85986]probably, but I would make sure you don't do the same offer just to be safe.
OC has no clue what your CC# is or your CC billing address, but if you do the same offer and someone notices the same billing address they might contact OC and they could not give you credit or whatever. As long as you do different offers I can't see a problem with having the same billing address. Also make sure you don't login from the same computer which may or may not cause problems. I have logged into my account from my brothers house and had no problems but I am in UT and he is in CA so who knows. [/quote9668c85986]

Does that seem reasonable? If so, I think I'm going to do what he said. Anyone know?


18-05-2005 08:32:14



18-05-2005 09:44:13


Dont bump your posts. Read the rules.

Billing information is not known to the freeoffer people -gratis, oc, coobro-
Only company that is privy to your billing information would be whatever offer you signed up for. -Urban nutrition, great fun, block buster, etc-