Man this sucks

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16-05-2005 08:08:45

One of of my referrals I did went on hold for Schlotto. We're like what the hell? So I emailed offercentric and they wrote back to me


Unfortunately our records indicate an additional account under from your housheold. This is a violation of our
terms and this account is invalid.

Best Regards,
OfferCentric Member Services[/quotede428f20a2]

This is crazy - I have most certainly never ever used a yahoo account and I have definately never seen this email address. What do you do when something like this happens? I completed my offers fairly and honostly and I really don't want to get screwed by these guys.


16-05-2005 08:18:19

tell them you sent your referral link to everyone in your office and that guy is a coworker of yours, which is why the IP address would show up the same.

i did that and they took my account off hold.


16-05-2005 09:47:52

Actually I think that is what happened. There is a 1000 people going over our firewall at any given time so I'm almost certain it did happen. I've just got to remember not to sign up for anything while at work.


16-05-2005 18:12:35

so does that mean you're gonna go red for me? (


16-05-2005 19:15:06

Offercentric fixed the problem for me. I did in fact create the account from work and with a company as large as the one I work for it is very possible someone else from the company is frequenting these sites too.

Retro, I think, hope, and pray that this was the only account I did this on. I'm pretty certain everything else was created from my home.


17-05-2005 07:08:50

Okay, I hope it turns out cool.