Requested Approval 4/25 on PSPs4Free

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13-05-2005 07:03:07

....and i'm still waiting. Going on 2-1/2 weeks now. Is this typical?? Anyone else taking this long??


13-05-2005 21:37:22

That doesn't seem to typical, did you email them?


13-05-2005 21:49:42

send them a support ticket


13-05-2005 21:57:16

My account has been reviewing for two days now.


13-05-2005 22:55:54

How fast is OC usually with approving?

I submitted on DS two days ago.. Wasn't expecting anything, but I hear theyre faster then Gratis.


18-05-2005 17:04:32

Well, i ordered my psps4free yerstoday...i had 6 greens, one of them went red and it was my friend who just signed up once(MULTIPLY ACCOUNT) like usual they do that...they did that with my mp3players4free also, so good thing i had 6 greens, the other one backed it up. i ordered it now am waiting for the tracking number.


18-05-2005 17:20:16

send them an email, they usually do it within 24 hours after the email


21-05-2005 11:28:27

How do you email them? Is it different from sending in a support ticket?


21-05-2005 14:53:56

offercentric doesn't have a support ticket system, when you fill out that form you are just emailing them. But yes, filling out the standard contact form works fine.


21-05-2005 14:56:10

only took them two days do tell me im on gold