OC RIDICULOUS and FRIVOLOUS "fraud" Accusation!

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12-05-2005 07:56:16

A little background...I started in this whole thing of "FREE STUFF" back in January. I got my referrals for Mp3Players and cameras4free - things went smooth. I referred people, I got the prize.

I loved how well things went and signed up for notebooks account around that time. I continued getting behind friends to signup. One at a time. It was tiring but being my situation, it was well worth the time(or so I thought).

I finally had my 18 referrals in sometime in end of March/beginning of April. But few days later after inquiring, I find out 4 of my referrals were invalid. Okay, I try to understand liwhyli and after that just suck it up and continue referring more people.

I refer 4 more people. Wait for approval. And three of those four rejected again. Like a yes-man, I continued referring more people realizing how close I am to the 18 referrals required.

So finally I get my 18(perhaps a few more) . This was the THIRD time. I wait for a week or two. Then I contact OfferCentric. I get their typical one liner mails - this time though informing me that my account had been cancelled for "fraud".

My first reaction obviously was WTF. But from my past experience, OfferCentric I thought was understanding and we'll be able to work something out. Few days later another mail "sorry your account has just been cancelled for faud". I continue my plea PLEADING FOR THEM TO JUST TELL ME WHAT EXACTLY I DID WAS FRAUDULENT.

FINALLY things open up a bit "You've been banned for having multiple accounts and using that as one of your referral".

That almost made me laugh and cry having worked for almost two-three months in getting this damn thing completed and then getting a LAME and COMPLETELY unjustified accusation slapped against my account.

After that I continued writing pleas after pleas and would get the typical "you're banned for fraud" - COMPLETELY IGNORING MY PLEAS to at least tell me WHAT ACCOUNT exactly they are talking about.

Its been a week or two now since I've heard from them. I've since written to them multiple times pleading the same thing WHAT fraud exactly I committed in legitimately referring over 24 people! (because some lame referrals got too excited and created multiple accounts and were rightly not given credit for to my account).

I still have not given up. I just wanted to share this - and honestly it's the last thing I expected to experience from OfferCentric after the first two great experiences.

All I know is that I worked damn hard for several months trying to earn my gift and am going to kick every leg of mine to try and get it.


12-05-2005 08:40:16

Sorry to hear it. I hope everything goes well (eventually)
Lately, OC is disquallifying people for no reasons at all. Just browse through the last few threads, and you'll see.
I was DQd on my mp3players4free account for having multiple accounts (which I never did), I kindly explained them that I have never had multiple accounts on their site, etc.
Good thing is they reinstated the account, and let me order.
However, OC is definitely not my best experience with the free sites. Yeah, it's true I did 4 of them and next week I'll have another $550 from them, but that one single DQ for no apparent reason, and after my hard work was stupid.
I'll still work on the other accounts I have with them (starting with the ones with the least # of referrals), and if I encoutner any problems again - well, i'll stop doing OC sites and stick with Gratis (great experience with them so far except the 79 day wait for my "shipped" handbag)


12-05-2005 08:51:30

that is bullshit!!

that would piss me off big time.......i think that is one of the main reasons as to why im not gonna go for notebooks4free....all that work (and possibly money) and then to be told that your not getting the item you worked so hard for......maybe you should try gusto....im hearing very good things about them.


12-05-2005 09:09:02

I need 3 referrals on macmini and in general 2-3 in OC's other sites. But I've given up on getting OC anymore business if they continue this kind of fraud against the few that actually read their TOS and do everything to walk within it.


12-05-2005 09:46:37

Damn - thats sucks - happened to my mp3players4free account - 3 submissions and finally my account is disqualified.



12-05-2005 10:25:02

Good luck man, that blows ass.


12-05-2005 10:34:35

god im about to send approval for flatscreens and mp3s (pending some greens on both) and this is new that i do not want to hear (


12-05-2005 10:38:36

[quotef77af074c3="a9xe6oz"]god im about to send approval for flatscreens and mp3s (pending some greens on both) and this is new that i do not want to hear ([/quotef77af074c3]

Just pretend it dosent exist unless you get placed on hold. I've had a good record, and take a look at my signature and see how many items i've received.


12-05-2005 11:37:58

Ouch! That's one of the reason I (personally) haven't gone for any of the big-referral items -- because while I get my referrals legitly, sometimes they get a false positive (negative? depends on how you look at it) on their approval and problems can come up. (And the other part is that it's a [i7030f844e5]lot[/i7030f844e5] of effort ))

In general, their policy is not to tell you what accounts are recognized as multiples. If they did that, then you'd be able to tell (remembering that you're supposedly an evil fraudulant user) any multi accounts they didn't pick up and use those. Personally, I'd try to check to see if anyone might have signed up from the same computer or IP you did (or anyone else who might be mistaken as a multi), and explain your case for that. Good luck!


12-05-2005 11:47:20

wow, i'm really sorry to hear this. i really hope u get ur account reinstated, cause this is obvious injustice!


12-05-2005 13:50:56

There's ABSOLUTELY zero chance of anyone signing up from my IP LET ALONE signing up and using that as a referral for my account.

They might see me as a fraud, in my eyes though their lack of substantiation on WHAT PRECISELY I did was fraudulent even after OVER FIFTEEN MAILS(asking for the same thing) leads me to think they are simply knowingly bullshitting.