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11-05-2005 18:35:07

Has anyone gotten credit for video profesor in the last couple days? Some of my referals have done it and they still havent recieved credit. I know it says next day credit but Im just curious if anyone else is having problems. Theyve always been good about credit.


11-05-2005 21:36:45

I'm having trouble with it too and I'm sweating about it. I did an offer for someone and choose video professor about 3 days ago. I haven't gotten any credit, or even any e-mail notification yet. And I heard that Video Professor was near instant credit. Sigh.


11-05-2005 21:50:52

I had trouble on FFS (Gratis).. Never got credit and it signed me up for GreatFun.



12-05-2005 07:06:33

Im mad. I signed up for video profesor for quick credit and this is not cool. ( Anyone else havin troubles too?


12-05-2005 08:26:50

I did Video Professor a few days ago for one of the Gratis sites (I think it was FreeIpods) and I didn't have any problems. I got credit within 5 minutes of completing the offer.


12-05-2005 12:17:32

I did video prof on an OC site on Friday, 5/6, and it is still pending. I submitted a help ticket regarding it a day or two ago, but still no result. Hope this works out for everybody.


12-05-2005 18:05:14

OC said that Video Profesor credits next day usually. Uh well they havent credited next day. They better get to it.


13-05-2005 21:19:41

yea i had a referral do this offer and it has yet to clear, it's going on 3 days now and i DONT want to go through more BS to get this damn ipod.


14-05-2005 08:32:19

one of my refs did videoprofessor on a gratis site and didnt get credit either (


15-05-2005 12:03:41

Me too on OC, at least 2-3 weeks now GRRR.


15-05-2005 14:20:19

I received Green for Video professor in less than 1 day, everything was perfect.

and 7 of my referrals did Video Professor for me and everything was perfect


16-05-2005 18:21:01

video professor was credited to me within 10 min lol highly recommended!
it was on Gratis by the way


16-05-2005 19:26:12

I did it last friday, still pending so I'll wait until tomorrow and hopefully it is completed ?