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10-05-2005 11:34:49

man i hate waiting. I finished my mp3players4free site on tuesday the 3rd and its still under review. From what i have read it should only take 3 buisness days right? im wondering if i should e-mail them or if i should just wait it out


10-05-2005 11:46:23

Email them. I was in review since the 3rd as well, wrote them a letter, and an hour letter I was approved ) (And I was DQd the first time...)


10-05-2005 11:48:09

ha, that ain't shit. i've been reviewing since april 19th and still not approved!


10-05-2005 11:58:47

ok e-mail sent....ill see how long it takes now


10-05-2005 12:05:26

after the email is sent it should be approved within the next day. sometimes in just a few hours. whenever you start approving for an oc site, just put a reminder on your calendar to email them after 5 days, cause they sure aren't going to remember unless you tell them.


10-05-2005 12:12:28

I agree, email them out 3-5 days ater you first go into review, I think they don't like to approve unless you prod them.


10-05-2005 12:43:53

great...... yeah they reviewd my account and DQ'D 2 REFS. crap is there any way to get them green again?


10-05-2005 12:55:09

why does it say they dq'd them


10-05-2005 12:59:14

Multiple accounts i think


10-05-2005 13:56:56

wow, emailed them earlier today. Got the email back and approved within 3 hours! w00000000000t!


10-05-2005 14:38:07

Better be getting it this friday Paypal $ that is


10-05-2005 16:23:27

yeah they dq'd both of em for being multiple account holders. Man this really sucks, i paid people and dont even get a fair green.....WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TOO